Monday, May 19, 2008

So I took a few pictures of my makeshift studio setup that in my kitchen right now. This first one is my little table covered in my latest project: plates. They are actually molds of paper plates that I made by laying a slab of clay in between two chinette brand paper plates (the paper part is the most important). I saw the idea in one of the millions of random printed materials I grabbed from NCECA this year.
These are the ones that still have the plates attached to the bases and are still drying. I think these look very "paper plate-ish". My hope is that my finished ones do not. These are my two finished ones. I really should have taken a picture of their feet as well because once those were added, I felt like they lost the paper plate feel. In these pictures, however, right next to the other ones, they still feel a bit that way. Um, other things I'm working on with this set will be using slip squares under the floral patterns as I did this semester in my sets. I don't have any slip on hand right now, but once I get some I think I will be more satisfied with them (my plan is to "borrow" some from the studio.....keep your fingers crossed for me!). To me, they just look strange without the slip. The lines seem awkward, stuck in the middle of the plate for no reason rather than looking like their sectioning off different areas of design. They are, in short, a work in progress.