Friday, May 16, 2008

I was just browsing the web today and I stumbled across some really beautiful henna designs and so I thought I would devote this post today to the traditional art of henna painting is known as Mehndi in India, where it has been practiced since the beginning of the 12th century. In Indian Mehndi, a person applies designs (traditionally) to a woman's hands and feet, on special occasions. After two to twelve hours, during which the Mehndi dries, the wearer scrapes the paste off to reveal the designs, which resemble tattoos and last one to three weeks on the skin.
It reminds me a lot of the sort of effect you get from a slip trailer. It makes me want to practice with my slip trailers. I'm only so-so with them, I have trouble getting the lines to change widths as beautifully as the artist above has done.
This last picture I had to throw in here because it looks like that would have been such fun!

For more info about the Mehndi process or design pictures and such go to this website:


Anonymous said...

sooo henna never ends up dat wyay..=(

Muhammad Faisal Jawaid said...

Really nick work.......!
keep it up....:)

sadee said...

yeh nice
i have seen some good designs here

Blogger Mommy said...

Hi... I was just browsing for henna designs for my cousin's wedding that's just coming up and I happened upon your page... I love pottery so I just thought I'd drop in a word... I once tried doing some wax resist the way you do henna but my glaze was too heavy and I didnt get the right effect... I did try something else once... I did a flat stoneware leaf plate with the veins in porcelain slip and did a glaze on top and the effect was amazing!! The veins just stand out as if it was a different glaze. I tried doing simple designs too, but mostly, the slip was too thin... Maybe you can try a thicker slip with a cellophane cone just like a henna cone!! Good luck!!
And, yeah, putting henna with your girlfriends is a lot of fun!! (Im from India)... TC!!

Anonymous said...

Hey! that group pic that's mine and my cousins' hands! :)