Monday, May 12, 2008

I'm starting to get the itch to throw again even though the semester only ended last week. With all the glazing and firing I've been doing and after getting such promising results from the kiln, I'm really aching to get back into things.

Since I can't throw today, I thought I would find some exciting images to add to my personal collection of inspirations.

Beautiful machine-knit scarf/runner made by Christel Seyfarth, an artist who lives in Denmark.

Another piece by Christel Seyfarth. More of her work can be viewed on her website at:

Both of these pieces I think relate to what I'm doing right now with my work because of their floral and yet geometric patterning. I really enjoy how the top scarf is interesting from both the green side and the red side and I like how she's paring the more organic floral designs with the geometric squares (something I'm also interested in doing in my work).

I think it's very important as an artist for me to look at other artists work. For me personally, I especially like to look at non-ceramic work because I feel like these inspirations translate themselves more personally into my work than just taking a specific technique or something from another ceramic artist who has already translated it from some other place into clay.