Saturday, May 10, 2008

Here's a few pots from that last firing that turned out pretty well. The surface isn't exactly what I wanted, the copper wash ran quite a bit more than I had anticipated (and more than on my tests) and the copper slip squares didn't quite show up on most of them, but in general I'm very happy with them. Of course, as always the next ones will look much better!

I was very happy with this bowl shape that I came up with, I think it will be my regular shape for awhile. I love the feet especially and the opportunity for hidden decoration on the bottom.

This one is my favorite cup-- I love the way the soda traveled around the pot in that one spot!

So.....all in all, I think it was a pretty good firing! Next I need to work on getting my slip to show up so I may try a recipe with more copper or add another colorant to it as well. What I really need to do at this point is to make some test tiles with the slips and carved florals and inlayed slip just to test a few surfaces.
Also, I'm somewhat debating with changing the clay body a bit to something that might flash a bit more in the soda (something with more iron).