Sunday, May 4, 2008

Just woke up after our long night of firing. For some reason it took much longer to fire off the soda kiln than we had initially thought it would. We were anticipating sodaing around 5-6 but that got pushed back to 9-10 and then we lost so much temperature (100 degrees or so) that it took until 2:45am before the kiln was ready to be turned off. So the firing went a long 35 hours and I was at the studio for 23 hours yesterday.

Me and the ring of fire (that doesn't look nearly as burning as it was!)

Note: Laura's shirt lies-- we are from Illinois State University not Central College

Our homemade damper

All in all I think the firing went pretty well but I guess I won't really know until Tuesday afternoon when we're unloading. Mostly I'm just proud that I fired the kiln without Joe or Tyler. For being my first firing, I would say it went pretty well and I can't wait to see my pots!