Friday, May 2, 2008

Spring has Sprung!

This afternoon turned out quite beautiful after the rain this morning. It was a big work day for me and Laura-- loading the soda kiln, cleaning up the kiln yard, washing shelves, making our dry soda to set us up for tomorrow.
Walking to the studio this morning, I picked a lilac and now the smell of that one little blossom has permeated the entire glaze room! Here it is in a little bowl of water.

We're testing a new way to fire the soda kiln tonight. Nothing too crazy but last time we had issues getting to temp on the top (mostly due to the way this kiln is designed!). Our test is going to be to try a bit of a longer firing.....although really the basic idea is to get to cone 012 for body reduction right when we come in tomorrow around 4am instead of the usual noon. That equates to a bit of a long night and early morning for me but I don't mind that. I'm just nervous my lids are going to crack. I'm trying a new design that is thrown hollow and the only one I fired so far (my test piece) cracked right down the middle of the knob. I won't dwell on that however.......without further ado, here is our lovely 3rd soda kiln load:

Goodbye intact knobs, I hope to see you again!