Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Woot! I am excited! I FINALLY have things in the kiln....not too many but a few. I'm pretty anxious to see how they look since I haven't gotten any pieces out of the kiln since last May. Way, way too long. Of course it's hard to fire things with no studio over the summer and making a 18 hour cross country move but I am finally starting to get something like a schedule mapped out for my studio time.

Oh I can't wait to get the kiln unloaded on Saturday! Maybe then I will finally post some pictures of my current work. I think that day I will actually have pictures of things in most stages of being worked on. I threw a beautiful batter bowl today which I'm hoping will have a better fate than the last two (one got bumped on the shelf and the other cracked when I was decorating it). Sad story really but I can always make another!