Saturday, January 31, 2009

So I'm getting antsy to get my fingers into clay again! I feel a bit out of touch with that part of my life. I have been gone from home (and thus my studio) for the last five weeks and still have one week to go and I am READY! Ready to be home, sleeping in my own bed, makings things in my studio. Agh, I can't wait!

There was one very exciting thing that happened while I was here: I sold another piece on Etsy! To another potter, from Rochester, NY. She put it up on her pottery shelf in her kitchen:

Can you find mine? (hint: it's really quite easily spotted)

Her name is Carol and she is another Etsy potter; you can find a link to her work here.

Thanks again Carol, for supporting my work!


Carol Barclay said...

I'm loving your bowl, April- it is a lovely form (fabulous foot!) and the glazing is perfect. It is fun to see my bowl shelf on your blog! We had that built because I have such a large collection of pottery, and I felt that this kind of display would allow us to USE the pots daily. I noticed that if I stack a bunch of bowls, sometimes people are squeamish about sorting through the pile for the "perfect" bowl.We often find that a certain bowl becomes our favorite for a particular food. There is one that is the best for peas, another that holds a nice stack of pancakes, and a square one that is just right for my marinated green beans.Your bowl is beautiful for serving cranberry sauce!Thank you for including a link to my etsy shop. Keep making gorgeous pots!

Erin said...

I'm too envious of that shelf. It's so elegant.